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We hope you find our new FAQ helpful. It is a work in progress, so if you have a question that is not in the list, are unclear as to our answer or you want to suggest a correction, drop us a note at

  • Do you serve breakfast in the morning?
    Breakfast is included with your guest room, however it is not included with the apartment rental. Guests in the apartments may opt to purchase a breakfast if they wish. As we continue to rebound from the affects of the COVID pandemic, our breakfast service varies depending on how many rooms and guests we have. The service may be a simple self service style, or the more well known buffet style. Either way you will be well feed to start the day!
  • Do you provide laundry service, or do you have facilities for us to do laundry?"
    A laundry machine is available for you to wash your clothes and a line to hang dry. We also have laundry soap available for purchase. There are laundry services nearby and our staff can assist you with locating those services.
  • I will be staying at AMH twice, but traveling in between, can I leave a bag or two at AMH?
    We may be able to assist with storing some baggage while you do some area travel, as we do have a limited amount of locked storage. The cost will depend on how much baggage and how long you will leave it with us.
  • Can you exchange money for me?
    No, we are not in the currency exchange business, but there are options nearby. We have found the best option is Linda Exchange, a walk of less than 10 minutes from AMH. Walk to the end of our soi (alley) and turn left. Linda Exchange is on the left side, at the road access for the Elizabeth Hotel. They have a nice big sign. You can also find them on Apple or Google Maps (Linda Exchange).
  • Do I need to pre-book or can I just show up?
    As with any accommodation, a pre-booking is preferred over walking up. However if you find yourself in Bangkok and needing a room last minute you can always check with us. If we have a room available you are certainly welcome!
  • What food services do you offer?
    Breakfast is included with your room. If you need a quick snack, our "Tuck Shop" (the Canadians get it!) is located by the front office. Here we have available a basic assortment of snacks and drinks. If you don't see what you are hankering for, there is a 7-11 not far away. Walk to the end of the street and go literally in any direction! Beyond that we do not offer any other meals unless arranged with a conference package. There are many options around for lunch or dinner. Volks is a bagel shop, located right beside AMH. Marshalls Social House is the blue building 1/2 way down the alley on the left, they offer Western & Thai food, and all day breakfast. The Camping Ground, essentially a food truck park, is halfway down Pradiphat road. Turn left at the end of our soi (alley), it will be located across the street from Lumpini Place.
  • Do you have a shuttle service?
    No, we do not provide a shuttle service. Bangkok has a wide variety of transportation options for getting around the neighborhood, to the bus or airports, or around the city. If you will be in Bangkok for a few days, we recommend you download the GRAB app to your phone. The app provides several services, most importantly transportation and food delivery. It is generally the best transportation method for point-to-point travel, especially if you do not speak Thai. If you prefer to pay using a credit card, we suggest you get that setup at home as security processes may make it more difficult to setup after you arrive in Thailand. If you are a group and need to travel together, we can provide some recommended service providers, but we prefer to have you coordinate with the drive directly. For this we recommend that you download the LINE app for communications. We will be adding a new transportation page to our website site with more suggestions and information on how to travel Bangkok.
  • Are you near the BTS, also, what is a BTS?
    The BTS is one of two light rail systems within Bangkok, the other is called the MRT. Our closest station is BTS Saphan Kwai; a 20-minute walk or 5-minute taxi/Grab ride. There are many stops on the BTS that allow you to transition to the MRT system, and between the two much of the city becomes accessible.
  • Are you near a city bus stop?
    The city bus system has stops not far from the end of our soi (alley). You can walk to the bus in 3-5 minutes. From there you can use the system to get to your destination, get to the BTS system, etc.
  • I will need to leave very early for the airport, how can I get transportation?
    We currently have guards that work 7:00 pm until 7:00 am each day. If you need a taxi before 6:30 am, they can go to the street to locate one for you. They will bring it right to the front entrance by the AMH front desk. If your departure is a bit later, we recommend a Grab ride, which you can actually setup the day before using the app.
  • Do you have parking available?
    Uncovered parking is available for free while staying at AMH. If you wish to leave your vehicle while traveling the suggested donation amount is 50 thb/day. Availability is limited, so please include the details in the comment section with your reservation request.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We prefer payment in Thai baht in the form of cash, or bank transfer for those with a Thai bank account. International bank transfers can be accepted for group or conference bookings. Additional fees may apply. These can take several days to clear the bank, so we ask that you contact us before your arrival to inform us that you will make payment in this manner. We are NOT able to accept credit or debit cards.
  • What is "suggested donation amount"?
    AMH Bangkok is a non-profit entity. All rates and prices provided are "suggested donation amounts" based on the costs to provide the various products and services we offer. Patrons are welcome to provide a larger donation should they choose. We appreciate your generosity!
  • Do you allow pets?
    While AMH does have our own mascot, Mango the dog, pets are not allowed in the guest rooms or apartments. Mango is a rescued Thai dog that lives with the managers. She enjoys the opportunity to meet new people and wandering the property keeping the squirrels and local cats in line. We understand that not everyone is comfortable around dogs, so we are very mindful to keep her inside when we have guests who prefer that. If that is you, let us know in the comments section of the reservation request and remind us again when you arrive. If you want to visit with her, just ask and we will introduce you! She is very timid to start, but once she gets to know you, she warms up very nicely.
  • Do you host conferences, meetings or groups of other kinds?
    Yes! We have 20 rooms of various configuration that allow us to book groups of varying sizes and make up. We also have a large meeting room and several smaller meeting spaces to provide for those wishing to hold meetings, a conference or even training sessions. The Conference page on the website is currently being updated, soon to be released with more information and tools to help organize your event. Depending on the size of your group availability may be an issue, so book early to ensure you can hold your event on your desired dates.
  • Can I book just a meeting space?
    Yes, you can! We have a large meeting space that can seat up to 65 people lecture style or 35 at tables and chairs. Additionally, we have several smaller meeting spaces available; seating 2-8 people depending on the configuration and the space.
  • Is your breakfast food sensitivity or allergy aware?
    We aim to provide basic breakfast options for those that have food sensitivities or allergies to milk and gluten. It is best to view our menu as food sensitivity AWARE, not allergy free. You may not see milk or gluten AWARE items served with the breakfast. If you are sensitive or allergic, please ask us about available options. Please add a comment on your reservation request to inform us, so we can be better prepared for your visit.
  • Do you recommend any apps for phone while visiting Bangkok?
    We find that the Grab and LINE apps are the most useful in Bangkok. The Grab app gives you access to transportation, food delivery and even package delivery. The LINE app is one of the most common communications tools here. If you are planning to connect with friends, a driver or other service they will most likely use LINE as their preferred method of communication. We recommend downloading the Grab app and configuring it for payment before you leave home as setting up the payment method may require an OTP (One-time password) which may prove difficult once you've left your local mobile service and banking area.
  • Where can I get a Thai SIM card for my phone?
    It is quite easy to get a SIM card for your phone. There are 3 main service providers: AIS, True and DTAC. You can find a SIM card at either airport, 7-11 stores, and each service provider have store fronts at most malls or major grocery stores (Big C or Lotus). You will need to present you passport and payment for the service. You should be able to get plan with mostly data service for 300-450 thb for one month. Other options will be able, based on your needs.
  • Can I trust my GPS in Bangkok?
    Absolutely, that is how we get around! Apple Maps and Google maps are well populated with information. If you are driving, we recommend Google Maps. They provide lane advice, which we have found to be essential getting around the city. A wrong turn or missed exit on the expressway can take 20-30 minutes to correct, so we've found the lane information to be a necessity.
  • Do you have a business center, or at least a place to print something?
    We do not have a business center but can help you with some light printing during business hours. The suggested donation amount for black and white printing is currently 5 thb/page. If you need a large document printed, it can be more cost effective to stop by the print shop a few minutes away. (Turn right at the end of the alley and walk another 150-200 meters).
  • How do I reserve a room? (Can I just send an email?)
    We ask guests to complete a reservation request on our website. This ensures we obtain the necessary information and logs it into our database. After submitting the form, you will receive an email with a Reference number and summary of the request. The AMH Bangkok staff will review the request and determine if we can provide the appropriate accommodations. We will either confirm or decline the request, and an email will be automatically sent to inform you the status of your request. If you do not receive any of the above-mentioned emails, we suggest you check your spam or junk folder. If the message/s are not there, send us an email to ensure we received your request.
  • Is there free WiFi?
    Yes, we have WiFi available in all guest rooms, meeting and common spaces, as well as many of the outdoor spaces. The SSID and password are posted at the Front Office and on the information card in the room.
  • Do you have hair dryers in the room?
    No, but we do have them available in the office. Please stop by and ask for one.
  • Can I plug anything I want into the power?
    You will want to check the power rating on the device. Devices that are NOT rated for 100-240V will not survive, and we would hate to see that new item you brought with you go up in smoke (literally). If you are unsure, please ask us before plugging it in and we can check it for you.
  • Do all rooms share a bathroom?
    No, they do not. Deluxe and Superior rooms have their own private bathroom. Please click on "Accommodations" and then "Guest Rooms" in the menu. Here you can read about the different room types and see some pictures to give you an idea of what we offer.
  • Do you have a crib and highchair available?
    We do not have a crib but do have several playpens available. These are available at no additional cost; you can let us know you need one in the comment section of the reservation request. We also have two highchairs and four booster chairs in the dining hall for breakfast time and can arrange to have what you need available in the guest kitchen for lunch or dinner; just let us know in advance.
  • Do you have someone to workout?
    We have a fitness room on the ground floor. It is equipment with an elliptical, stationary bike, all-in-one weight machine and a variety of mats, bands and other fitness items. There is available air conditioning in the room to create a comfortable environment for your workout.
  • What do you have available to entertain my kids?
    We have a few options to keep the kids entertained. The media room has a variety of toys and books, a tv and large supply of DVDs, with some additional toys and games in the dining hall / lounge space. We also have an outdoor playcenter and some outdoor games like badminton and basketball.
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