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AMH Bangkok has been serving International Workers for the past 50 years. Over time our name has changed a few times and our location once, but our purpose has remained constant. We are here to provide a place of support and nurture for Christians serving throughout the Asia region.

Our new name, Asia Mosaic Home Bangkok, reflects the variety of people, organizations and countries that we are honored to host.


We remain committed to our initial purpose! #welcomehome

AMH Bangkok is a non-profit entity. All rates and prices provided are "suggested donation amounts" based on the costs to provide the various products and services we offer. Patrons are welcome to provide a larger donation should they choose. We appreciate your generosity!

Mother and Daughter Love


Do good to every guest that enters our gate and into our home with our guaranteed services so we will have an abundance of opportunities to serve.

A little of our story


We strive to be the Christian hospitality choice for International Workers and other guests.

Christian Booklet
Standing With Arms Stretching Out To Sky


We are Christ-centered and devoted to loving and sharing Christ with our staff so together we can care for our guests with integrity, service, and excellence.

Integrity - We will always treat our staff and guests with dignity and respect. We do what we say we will do and are honest and fair.

Service - We consistently anticipate and are responsive to the needs of our staff and guests.

Excellence - We give our best to our staff and guests. We are professional in our appearance, language, and behavior.


We will strive to guarantee the following:

Safe and comfortable facilities

A Christian family environment


Valuable ministry programs

The provision of helpful and meaningful resources

Our guests enjoy memorable gathering experiences

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