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Public Transportation from Suvarnabhumi Airport:


Most people take a taxi to AMH Bangkok from the airports but if there is just one or two of you, you don't have much luggage, and you're not in much of a rush, you can save some money by taking the Airport Rail Link.  If there are three or more of you any savings will be outweighed by the complications with the transfers. If you’re arriving between midnight and 6 AM a taxi is your only option as both the BTS Skytrain and Airport Rail Link are closed at that time. If you decide to take a taxi, see additional tips in the section below.


If you decide to use the Airport Rail Link, purchase a ticket to Phaya Thai station for 45 baht at the airport.  The trains seem to leave about every 20 minutes or so.


Once you have arrived at the Phaya Thai station you have a choice of either catching a taxi to AMH Bangkok or purchasing BTS Skytrain tickets to travel to the closest station to AMH Bangkok. The Saphan Khwai station is the nearest BTS station. Unless you have arrived close to rush hour and traffic is bad, it usually is quickest just to get a taxi. See instructions below on how to catch a taxi.


If you decide to transfer at the Phaya Thai Station to the BTS Skytrain, purchase a ticket to Ari Station if you’ll be taking a taxi for the last leg of the trip to AMH Bangkok or to Saphan Khwai Station if you’ll be walking. At Ari Station use Exit 3 to catch a taxi. If you decide to walk, go to Saphan Khwai.  It is about a 20 - 25 minute walk to AMH Bangkok.  You might want to print the map below but be aware that it is not to scale.  Take Exit One out of Saphan Khwai, turn left 180 degrees at the bottom of the stairs, turn right at the first major intersection onto Pradipat Road then turn right on Soi 13 and watch for the sign with a red cross, Siam Mission, and AMH Bangkok on the left in about 230 meters.


Getting to AMH Bangkok by Taxi:

If you are coming from an airport, you can give the address in English or the map below to the taxi driver. If you are hailing a taxi from the street the easiest way is to say "Pradipat Sip Saam." "Sip Saam" is Thai for 13. Give the taxi driver Thai baht to pay any tolls. If you need change, the toll booth is a good place to get it. If you are using the airport's taxi service there is a 50 baht surcharge that the driver will add onto the toll that's on the meter in the taxi. AMH Bangkok is at the end of the short 200 meter Soi (Soi 13) on the left. You will see the red cross on the sign and can point to it so the driver will turn left into it. #welcomehome

AMH Bangkok
28/2 Pradipat Road Soi 13
Bangkok, 10400

Click the map for printing


บ้านเลขที่ 28/2 ถ.ประดิพัทธ์ 13
เข้ามาสุดซอย อยู่ซ้ายมือ
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